Brad sconzert

For as long as I've been a musician, I've also been obsessed with recording. Over the last 20 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work at many types of studios and I've recorded, mixed, and produced projects of all types, budgets, sizes, and genres. Having been a recording musician too, I've accumulated hundreds, if not thousands, of hours on the "both sides of the glass". I maintain close working relationships with LandMark Sound Recorders, Luna Recording Studio, WaveLab Recording Studio, and the Cloud Microphones Studio (which I designed and built) here in Tucson. Additionally, I have a professional-level editing and mixing studio in my home in order to offer flexible options for all types of projects.

My approach to recording is based more on being in the moment, focusing on the creative process, and committing to sounds up front rather than "fixing things in post". For example, I would rather change a snare drum 15 times to get the right sound than just replace it later with a sampled sound. That doesn't mean I would never use a sampled drum sound if it were the right creative decision in mixing though. To me it's all about artistic and creative integrity and the end result justifies the means to get there. I love the process of making a record from start to finish and being spontaneous in the studio.

I have extensive experience with all types of gear and equipment found in recording studios, even with how to build and repair it, but to me they are just tools...a means to get the ideas down and capture the sound the way we hear it. I don't consider myself a gear-nerd but I do have a collection of things I like and my personal gear collection is always at the disposal of my clients including many guitars, amps, pedals, microphones, and outboard processors.

When I am working in the recording studio, I am able to completely separate the technical responsibilities as an engineer from the creative space of being a producer and musician. I pride myself on being able to create a comfortable, fun, and extremely productive creative environment for the musicians I work with. My education and background in engineering and acoustics has provided me with a fundamental understanding of the physics of how musical instruments work and capturing their sound and my years of accumulating experiences as a practicing musician have had the profound effect of sharpening my creative capabilities.

When I am hired to take on a project, the music becomes my music too. Creating art is something I treat with the utmost respect. Please have a listen to some examples of my work. I eat, sleep, and breathe music so let's start a conversation and see where it goes from there. If you are sincere and passionate about making music, I truly look forward to working with you!