I offer three main services for which I can be hired to perform separately or as part of a complete project. My rates are the same whether I'm hired to perform any one of these services separately or all three of these services together. Please send me a message to discuss your project, which services you need, and my rates.

Production & SONG WRITING

Having an outside perspective on your music is almost always a good thing. Being asked to help produce someone else's music is something I take very seriously. I will take time to familiarize myself with any reference material (no matter what genre), build a great working relationship, and always respect the integrity of the music. Production can be anything from suggesting small changes to a vocal or instrument part to completely re-writing an existing song or creating an entire song around a single idea. As an experienced guitarist, multi-instrumental musician, and vocalist, I have quite a bit to offer as a producer to help music reach new heights, become more cohesive, and sound its best all while retaining the original artistic integrity. I welcome the opportunity to visit a band's practice space, listen to rough demos, and meet my clients ahead of time to converse about their artistic goals. I am willing to offer as little or as much production on a project as desired and I will always help guide my clients to success even if I'm not specifically hired as a producer.

Mixing & EDITING

I prefer to work closely with clients on mixes rather than deliver only what I hear in my own head. I invite artists and bands to spend time in the studio as I finish mixing their songs in a more collaborative way. My approach to mixing is much more fluid than fixed and I rely on creative inspiration from project to project as opposed to leaning on rules or traditional techniques. Editing is something I normally like to do as much of as possible as the project moves along to keep things sounding their best and to decrease the time it takes to mix later.

Engineering & RECORDING

Sometimes a project is being produced and mixed by the band or another producer who have a great vision where they want to go but maybe not the technical know-how or expertise to get there. Getting great tracks "to tape" is where I come in. You can hire me to design the recording session, select the right microphones, choose the best techniques, run Pro Tools, control the headphone fold-back, and perform all the setup and tear down in the studio. I can also handle problems with instruments, amplifiers, and generally anything else that might go wrong.